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Playing Close to the Vester

Original entry posted: Fri Aug 26 16:41:24 2005

Johnny Pi @ Fri Aug 26 12:41:24 2005 EST

Haha, just had to respond because soldering adventure.

When I was in high school for AP Physics we had to make an instrument. I decided I would make a Kick-Ass (say it like Jack Black, now) electric violin. Rock!

My experience with solder was exactly the same - I tried over and over to melt down the solder over the spliced wires to no avail. I was surprised they didn't put some advice right there on the box: Do not heat solder; Heat the metal/wires. Trust us.

Could have saved me a bit of time.

Good experience, even though the violin came out awful. At least the humbucker worked. Kind of.

Johnny Pi @ Fri Aug 26 12:43:00 2005 EST

PS - Realized that you had a message below the comment box about not adding http to the URLs -- a little too late, I might add. Ah well. A heads up.

Thomas @ Sun Aug 28 09:30:44 2005 EST

Actually, I fixed the http thing, thanks to Corvus. So no worries!

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