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Original entry posted: Thu May 4 21:11:33 2006

Jeff @ Thu May 4 16:55:11 2006 EST

Thanks for the post. Can you recommend some good resources for those getting started with the guitar (not bass guitar)?

I've had a Fender for several years now, and I never spend time with it. I know music theory from high school and college. Aside from that, I have very little experience.

Thomas @ Thu May 4 17:11:33 2006 EST

Find tab. Start playing. Repeat.

There's a book that Borders sells for learning guitar, and it ties all of its lessons to actual pop/rock songs. Belle's got it, I think it's pretty good.

In both of these cases, tab or the book, you're learning real songs that you can enjoy in and of themselves, and I think that's crucial. Theory and chord construction are important--I use them all the time. But being able to play your favorite songs, especially if you have friends who can socialize around an instrument, is what will keep your interest up.

Other than that, I don't really know. I used to have a really good book for bass, that taught how to play with good technique. That was helpful, but probably not so much for guitar. Guitar Player might be a good place to check--Bass Player has columns every month aimed at beginners, and I'm sure its sister publications do too.

Thomas @ Thu May 4 17:18:26 2006 EST

Found the book: Learn to Play Electric Guitar. I think that's it. It's a hideous-looking book, but the content is good.

Jeff @ Thu May 4 17:22:23 2006 EST

Sweet. Thanks for the link...

I found this post on Lifehacker that I had saved to Myweb 2.0 a few weeks ago: Guitar Noise

Guitar Noise has hundreds of online lessons, a forum, and articles. The best part is that it's free as in beer.

They also provide a link to a site that supplies free video lessons formatted for the iPod!

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