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DSMIDIWiFi (too many acronyms!)

Original entry posted: Tue Nov 28 01:42:10 2006

Lukeretius @ Mon Nov 27 20:42:10 2006 EST

Heh, the minute I saw that on joystiq (or was it engadget) I figured it'd peak your interest. It's just another step toward realizing the DS's artistic potential.

Microphone (with a little work, that could be a line-in jack), touch screen, line-out, wifi, and homebrew. That could kick out one sexy synthesizer/sampler/4-track-recorder... ;-)

Thomas @ Tue Nov 28 12:04:10 2006 EST

I still regret not getting a decent line-in jack running on mine.

Give it time, and I think we probably will see an MPC clone via homebrew. You're right, it's just too good a match not to happen.

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