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Ode to the FX25B

Original entry posted: Fri Nov 14 17:35:01 2008

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Mon Nov 17 12:06:03 2008 EST

Oh, so *that's* why it's called a stompbox. Somehow I feel that sentence was in there just for me---thanks!

Thomas @ Mon Nov 17 14:15:01 2008 EST

(A little bit, yes. So now you know.)

Thomas @ Tue Nov 18 11:42:56 2008 EST

Actually, re-reading this, I feel kind of weird about championing garish, unrestrained effect abuse. After all, one of my pet peeves at work are video/graphic producers who feel the need to put every single animation/blending effect into their work, until it looks like Fox News threw up onscreen.

I reconcile the two mainly through the belief that rock music, as an integral part of the genre, relies on excess. And also that while I love outlandish effects, I try not to use all of them at the same time. They have a place.

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