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Original entry posted: Fri Feb 16 05:00:00 2007

pseudonymous @ Tue Jan 17 10:56:43 2006 EST

"Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features hard rock roots, extensive vamping, minor key tonality, dirty electric guitar riffs, and a gravelly male vocalist."

I'm... home.

Thomas @ Tue Jan 17 11:15:41 2006 EST

I'm not sure if it reacts to the last few songs only, or if it's going to build a more eclectic mix. It seems like if I add an artist, the next couple tracks are very similar. I may need to make several different stations for different genres of music.

It's fun seeing what it'll spit up though.

Tim @ Tue Jan 17 11:50:46 2006 EST

I had my first Rilo Kiley experience on Soma FM a few years ago. I love Internet Radio!

Brinstar @ Tue Jan 17 15:15:16 2006 EST

They don't have L'Arc~en~Ciel or any other Japanese artists I listen to. Except for T.M. Revolution, and he's not really my favourite in terms of genre. :( But Pandora is cool, yes.

Thomas @ Tue Jan 17 15:29:43 2006 EST

Makes you wonder where they're getting their music, huh? They do have the Pillows and Molotov, so they're not completely domestic. A database is only as good as its source material, after all.

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