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DrumPad.xls alpha

Original entry posted: Fri Dec 9 21:23:11 2005

james @ Wed Dec 7 16:17:01 2005 EST

i love this thing! unfortunately, i can't find anywhere in the code to change key mappings or to use another set of drum sounds. I hit alt-F11 and the only real code I see doesn't have anything about keys or drum sounds.

of course, I'm a VB noob, so I probably am just missing something. help?

btw I have it working with the korg drum sounds and the default key mapping

powertothepeople @ Wed Dec 7 23:59:50 2005 EST

when trying to open, i get an error messaage: Automation Error.

Julius CArdines @ Thu Dec 8 01:10:13 2005 EST

I put the Bass.dll in the windows directory, when opened the Excel file it says it can find the BASS.dll file. any ideas?

Thomas @ Thu Dec 8 06:34:09 2005 EST

James: You need to right click the Drumpad Form on the left (it's the only one there) and pick View Code to get to the keys and everything.

Powertothepeople: No idea what to do about the Automation error. I'll look into it.

Julius: You might try putting it in the system32 folder inside windows instead, but that's all I can figure. I know that it doesn't have to be registered, and I'm not that informed about VBA .dll access otherwise. Sorry!

JayHAYEZ @ Fri Dec 9 15:35:08 2005 EST

i tried d/ling
but its telling me there nothing in the zip can u pls update/fix
thank you

Thomas @ Fri Dec 9 16:23:11 2005 EST

I tried it again just now, and everything seemed to be in order. What are you using to open the file?

Dave @ Fri Dec 9 17:08:39 2005 EST

i downloaded it and put the dll file in my winnt folder. i clicked on the sheet and i comes up the drums. but when i keys on my keyboard, theres nothin

Dave @ Fri Dec 9 17:11:01 2005 EST

push key*

Thomas @ Fri Dec 9 17:22:45 2005 EST

Do you have multiple sound sources running on your computer? DrumPad basically uses the BASS defaults, which try to auto-sense where output should go. I think you can force them by setting the parameter to 1 where I call BASS_Init().

And you know, always check your system volume. Because that gets me a lot.

JayHAYEZ @ Fri Dec 9 19:10:06 2005 EST

thomas thanks i forgot to d.l winzip after i reformatted xp i was using open comppressed file or something like that =x

cheng @ Fri Dec 9 22:14:25 2005 EST

prety cool, everything working here. the default sounds are a little cheap, but maybe get some others sometime.

Dave @ Sat Dec 10 15:32:14 2005 EST

Thx, but dont know how toget parameters lol

Dave @ Sat Dec 10 15:32:54 2005 EST


james @ Sat Dec 10 19:13:21 2005 EST

thanks for the help Thomas! I have it working, with two kick sounds, two snare sounds, crash and ride cymbals, and three toms, using drum sounds i found online.

Dave, setting parameters is easy once you find the file to set them in (hit Alt-F11 and then see the third comment above).

Stephen @ Sun Dec 11 20:37:44 2005 EST

Theres no sound :(

Thomas @ Sun Dec 11 23:33:42 2005 EST

Note: some people who haven't gotten sound from this have forgotten to download the samples. It doesn't come with the .wav files, but there's a link in the post.

Other than that, I'll try to help, but this isn't exactly highly reliable code here.

Justin Anclam @ Thu Dec 15 19:38:00 2005 EST

Here is a free drum machine for you. Not quite as cool as yours but they also have a dos version.

herichon @ Wed Dec 21 19:59:27 2005 EST

C'mon folks... so a handful of you are having technical problems. Meh. What you're not realizing is that we're talking about a DRUM MACHINE IN EXCEL. It's a pretty nifty little hack. The least you can do is give the man some props and thank him for working to push the boundaries of fun cool things to do in Excel.

Thomas, from one Excel geek to another - I salute you. :)

MonkeyBoy @ Wed Dec 21 21:37:59 2005 EST

you know, it wouldn't be too hard to use spreadsheats to record performances or build up a library of riffs.

Thomas @ Thu Dec 22 08:41:16 2005 EST

Herichon: Thanks!

Monkeyboy: If you check a later link in this same category, you'll see that a reader already turned it into a programmable drum machine. So yeah, being able to record/play back performances shouldn't be that hard. And perhaps eventually I'll get around to doing it. I hope.

zephyr @ Thu Dec 22 10:00:01 2005 EST

Very cool program. Great work!

Neat example of how cool some things in excel can be.

Norm @ Thu Dec 22 15:12:46 2005 EST

Can we use Excel to do a sequence using those Korg samples?

This is a fun toy :)

Thomas @ Thu Dec 22 16:06:02 2005 EST

Click here for the sequencer version.

Martin English @ Tue Dec 27 06:05:30 2005 EST

brilliant !!! what a hoot !! Now, if only this was a standard part of office,,,

PS for those having issues with getting it to work; as always, the answer shall be found in the mustical words RTFM

1) make sure you download the Korg DDM-110 samples
2) make sure you have a copy of bass.dll in your WINDOWS directory

Andrew @ Thu Dec 29 09:48:58 2005 EST

great hack thomas! Im horrible with excel so how you have done this is beyond me, but is there any way that you could add on to this program so you would be able to punch in a drum beat and have it play back over and over just like a real drum machine?

Thomas @ Fri Dec 30 08:57:01 2005 EST

Not as a recording, no, not yet. It's in the plans for future versions. But you can sequence it, using the link a couple comments up.

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