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Myspace is Terrible: On the Way to Manassas

Original entry posted: Wed Jun 28 19:35:32 2006

Brinstar @ Wed Jun 28 14:47:52 2006 EST

MY MySpace page isn't garish. I still hate MySpace, though.

Having said that... I am able to listen to Muse's new album in its entireity before its release next week. This is probably the only use I have for MySpace.

Troy Goodfellow @ Wed Jun 28 14:52:30 2006 EST

I made the same analogy to a couple of my students about a month ago.

Of course, since they were about five year's old when websites hit their most garish state, the comment was completely lost on them.


Thomas @ Wed Jun 28 15:00:09 2006 EST


So old and yet so short! I'm not sure I have met you after all!

Actually, I did listen to part of the new Muse album, because I thought--hey, Muse! That's awesome! What did you think? I wasn't impressed with the three or four songs that I got through before the crappy Myspace player crashed.


Kids these days.

Brinstar @ Wed Jun 28 15:13:43 2006 EST

I liked it. It was less like "Absolution", which I wasn't thrilled with, and slightly more like "Origin of Symmetry" which I loved.

Thomas @ Wed Jun 28 15:35:32 2006 EST

Hm. I am a terrible person, and don't actually own any of the physical albums. But looking over the track listing, I think I go the other way--I liked Absolution more than Origin on average, but I dig them both. I'll have to give the new album another go later today.

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