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Can't Buy Me Love

Original entry posted: Thu Jul 7 19:39:48 2005

Chan @ Thu Jul 7 14:30:31 2005 EST

I bought an acoutsic guitar by a maker in British Columbia from Guitar Center in Fairfax about for years ago. I strummed for a bit... learned a few chords, but never really did anything with it. I've always meant to get back into it, but haven't made any effort to find a tutor. Someday, maybe.

It's not like I want to be Jerry Garcia or something, I'd settle for some decent rhythm guitar work... Bob Weir style.

Thomas @ Thu Jul 7 14:41:17 2005 EST

Guitar's easy. I hate guitar, and I can still play a few open chords and muddle my way through a punk song. Helping the nerdlet learn, I can recommend (oddly enough) Barnes and Noble's homebrew guitar book, which builds the lessons around well-known pop songs.

Don't wait for a teacher. Just sit down and play. And remember, the best way to learn is to join a band or to start performing for people--I got much cleaner after having to play and sing in front of people for only about a year.

Chan @ Thu Jul 7 14:54:18 2005 EST

Thanks for the advice. I've been sitting on an AMEX gift card since Christmas... maybe this book and some new strings would do me good.

Thomas @ Thu Jul 7 15:39:48 2005 EST

I wouldn't even buy new strings. Old strings are where you keep the funk, sayeth Jamerson.

pimptastic b. sweetness @ Thu Jul 7 16:49:38 2005 EST

guitar is NOT easy. do not listen to him! and tomás, you hate the guitar? why do you hate freedom????

Thomas @ Thu Jul 7 16:57:48 2005 EST

PBS: Oh, I don't know. I figure if someone picked up either one of their guitars and played it, they'd probably find it's not as hard as they think. t'aime, mon joli fille.

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