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And Ponies for Everyone

Original entry posted: Fri Oct 20 13:57:10 2006

Rachel @ Thu Oct 19 10:32:05 2006 EST

Amen, comrade. You and I and countless others have been saying this for some time. So, the real question is, why isn't anyone in the Democratic party listening? I fear it is because they don't have an agenda anymore other than getting in or staying in power. This isn't any different from the Republicans of course, its just more acceptable or at least expected from them. Democrats are "supposed" to be about the people and about social justice, but in truth, everyone is just in the pocket of big business. There is no government anymore. Only corporations. We are not electing a president or congressmean, but a CEO (or, more accurately a band of CEOs) and board members. Greedy, rotten CEOs and board members. Oh, is that my cynicism showing? Damn.

Nevertheless, you are right. There is no room for compromise on crucial issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Before the damage that has been done by this administration to these rights, I would have said these were red herring issues. I think it was Dean who said during his bid for the presidential candidacy that we needed to stop allowing everything to break down into a discussion about guns, gays and abortion and we need to talk about things like healthcare, the environment and humanitarian aid. Still, even though these issues have taken a few blows, even Bill Bennett says that Gay Marriage is a given. It isn't even a fight. It will happen. This is not to say that fighting for those things aren't important and that they don't need to be defended. It's just to say that we need to start talking about economics and the inherent flaws with the way we are currently practicing capitalism. There is a lot of injustice and irresponsible consumption going on and at the root of all this trouble are the dirty fingers of the multinational corporation. Who is stopping them? Nobody. Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats. Not the Independants. Certainly not the vast majority of Americans.

Good post, Thomas. As always, your writing is thoroughly thought provoking.

Chris P @ Thu Oct 19 22:11:46 2006 EST

"old friend in a new suit"

Hey, I am still a Democrat and NOT a's just that I am tired of them consistently losing to corrupt morons. At this point, I am willing to settle for less evil.

I agree somewhat with Robert Greene because of the electoral process. I am sure a lot independents are "diet Republicans" in the swing states and want to vote for a party that is less conservative and less incompetent. The problem with a liberal agenda is that liberal voters are much less reliable.

Thomas @ Thu Oct 19 22:29:50 2006 EST

Chris: You have more faith in independents than I do.

Rachel: I think you may be right. The leaders in the DNC have become too comfortable where they are. A revolution would mean shaking things up. It's Lieberman, slightly less odious, but on a grander scale.

Johnny Pi @ Fri Oct 20 09:57:10 2006 EST

I think you're exactly right - Farther to the left.

The thing is, the right uses exactly this strategy to "pull" issues to their side. They bring up batshit insane far-right brutality and then leave it up to the media and politicians to soften it up enough to make it part of the larger discourse. Cases in point: Legalizing torture. Using nukes. One's been done, the other has been filtering through right-wing channels for some time and has broken onto the talking heads programs. It will only be a matter of time (if it hasn't already happened) before some repub rep starts treating it as a "serious solution."

The same thing needs to be done with left-wing causes. Talk about universal health care enough, and you might not get it, but you might get halfway measures the more it disseminates. This is a fairly basic tactic that the Democrats never seem to use. It's why they get hammered, and it's why people like me get too pissed to show my support.

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