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Tribal Wisdom

Original entry posted: Wed Jan 10 19:14:06 2007

Johnny Pi @ Tue Jan 9 08:25:51 2007 EST

Good god, that's worse than I imagined. I read that Digby post and thought, "Wow, a book that yet again tries to split the world into discrete units that don't make any sense whatsoever." The swing voter BS is one of the more pernicious myths of Conventional Wisdom we have today. And these questions . . . are so stupid they broke my brain. @ Tue Jan 9 10:30:58 2007 EST

It thinks I'm a Republican, too. What an amazingly stupid quiz. Fun commentary, though...

Chris P @ Wed Jan 10 14:14:06 2007 EST

Too funny.

Did they have any actual research to back the assertions made in this quiz? Or did they just watch Forest Gump before deciding to reference Dr. Pepper.

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