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Why Oh Why Can't We Have A Better Economic Overclass?

Original entry posted: Wed Aug 6 01:31:42 2008

Chris @ Thu Aug 7 04:23:26 2008 EST

Why restrict your worry to economics? I feel almost anything that insists on [x] at the expense of anything and everything else should give us pause.

This is a criticism we (presumably) share of aggressive Christian evangelism (c.f. Kierkegaard's criticism concerning prioritising a metaphysical future versus doing what is good for here and now), and I imagine we also share it in the connection with the application of torture as a political tool, despite the severe damage to global human rights that inevitably results when the supposed global leader in human rights decides its own perceived intelligence interests outweigh its commitment to previous rights treaties.

Can any kind of blind fanaticism be justified?

Best wishes!

Thomas @ Thu Aug 7 11:51:42 2008 EST

It's not so much the fanaticism that annoys me, as the fact that a supposedly-liberal economist keeps telling his readers that we need to respect and admire that fanaticism, even though it's clearly idiotic.

But then, that's economists for you. I hate to generalize, but I don't think I've ever found a discipline as arrogant, and at the same time as blindered, as economics.

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