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La Marcha

Original entry posted: Tue Apr 11 04:00:00 2006

Brinstar @ Tue Apr 11 09:36:55 2006 EST

Did they let you out of work early, then?

Thomas @ Tue Apr 11 09:47:00 2006 EST

No, I wanted to go meet a family friend that I hadn't seen in about 10 years, so I worked extra over the weekend and took off early.

The Bank always has notices that it sends out to staff about any marches or demonstrations that occur, but it doesn't usually close anything down.

Chris P @ Tue Apr 11 17:52:18 2006 EST

Call me woefully ignorant on this subject matter but are these immigration rallies for or against Bush's policies?

A means to legalize illegal aliens already in this country seems like something a Democrat would do.

Thomas @ Tue Apr 11 18:54:35 2006 EST

They're against the House bill that recently passed.

Bush's policies are more conventional, but have their own offensive qualities. If I remember correctly, his guestworker program eliminates the path to citizenship.

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