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Protest and the Distribution Problem

Original entry posted: Thu Jan 22 18:12:04 2009

Tolmar @ Fri Jan 23 00:47:49 2009 EST

Version control software (yes, the stuff programmers use) comes in distributed varieties. Maybe you could host some encrypted files on one, giving the private key only to trusted people. It'd be a bit of a hassle to work with, but made out of readily available parts that anybody can get at.

Thomas @ Fri Jan 23 10:47:56 2009 EST

The problem would still be getting them to communicate with each other, and to find a repository with "authority."

Fundamentally, this is a problem of addressability, as Danny O'Brien's essay (the "moving to the edge" link) makes clear. There are really few good ways anymore of communicating across networks without using centralized addressing schemes. The move to REST-like APIs for everything (even uses HTTP for communication between servers) means that blocking and filtering of centralized resources based on address is entirely possible.

It might even be okay if the actual source of data were centralized--say, a phone-based server--if there were a way for it to be dynamically addressable. So it's kind of a or situation, except I tend to worry that even those would be too easy to filter, since they may hide a dynamic endpoint, but they still present a static midpoint.

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