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What You Got Wrong

Original entry posted: Thu Mar 27 16:18:00 2008

Josh @ Sun Mar 30 10:01:45 2008 EST

Or, and I add I say this without reading the editorials, that the words failure to perform due dilligence simply didn't cut it.

I would almost liken the lead up the Iraq war to a kind of natioanl War of the Worlds radio play (that ended in war). There were no facts, just a lot of trumpets, but those trumpets let a lot of people simply ignore the lack of facts.

I don't know how many arguments I had in the ramp up to war that ended with, "But you don't understand, the President knows more than he's saying. He can't show us all the evidence, but you'll see."

You know what, it took a couple hours of googling, but in that time ... with googling ... I read more to convince that if Saddam had any WMD programs intact that they'd be inert or inoperable ... including Senate testimonies ... it just makes me wonder how little any of our so called statesmen or pundits actually tried.

And today, I still know otherwise reasonable people who think Saddam assisted 9/11.

And if I poked, probably a few that think there's a nuke buried somewhere in the desert.

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