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After-Dinner Shrieking

Original entry posted: Thu Feb 22 20:01:43 2007

Josh @ Thu Feb 22 14:54:46 2007 EST

Doesn't Fox have enough broadcasting trying to poke fun or belittle at the "liberal left"? I thought Bill O'Reilly was already Johnny Carson to these people.

Coto's involved in this? Dang. I hate that feeling of respecting rushing out of my pores.

Thomas @ Thu Feb 22 15:01:43 2007 EST

Apparently O'Reilly's number have dropped by a spectacular amount over the last year--coinciding, more or less, to a rise in Keith Olbermann's popularity.

Even Fox only ordered two episodes of this travesty. I think they were mostly just testing the water. But it does amaze me that anyone gave a pass to this stuff. For all their faults, Coto and Surnow have both created some accomplished entertainment television. They have to have some understanding of good TV writing.

How was this so bad? Why did they sign off on it?

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