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Original entry posted: Tue Jul 3 17:35:03 2007

Lucretius @ Tue Jul 3 15:24:53 2007 EST

Ooo, it's posts like this that get me hooked on your blag! Time to go point by point! :D

-To be fair, I just got my macbook and an iPod. And to be even fairer, I've been using Mac OS X at school for about 2 years now. So I've gotten all my angst out. That as is, I love my mac. It does what I want and looks good for it. The iPhone however, eh. Just dosn't interest me. I'm kinda poor though. As for the reviews, wait for ars.technica's to drop, they've promised to send the thing through it's rounds before they give a final opinion, which is awesome. Everyday I go browse the site and don't see the review, the happier I am.

-That's cute. Really. I'll have to get around to hearing the music to see if it's worth it. On a related note, The Shins new album sounds good to me. I've really been enjoying it.

-I simple won't got there. *cough* *cough*

-*see above* >_>

-I whole heartedly agree and really have nothing to add.

-As not being a driver, I guess I have nothing to add. Just too darn expensive for me. Car, maintenance, insurance, and more. It's too much for me just yet.

As an aside, I'm getting my copy of Photoshop CS3 Extended (blah blah blah) soon. Should be back inaction within a week or so.

Lucretius @ Tue Jul 3 15:26:57 2007 EST

PS: You suck for not being the only blog I vist that didn't mention the iPhone! D:

Kidding...I guess.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 3 16:38:03 2007 EST

I tried, I really did.

Panda McGee @ Tue Jul 3 17:32:13 2007 EST

So it's just you and Wallace, eh? What happened to the Little B? Or is she too busy flinging turds onto the bathroom floor?

Thomas @ Tue Jul 3 17:45:46 2007 EST

This morning she was too busy trying to eat the vacuum cleaner power supply again. If we had a spare one, I'd let her electrocute herself.

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