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I Link... Again!

Original entry posted: Wed Feb 25 03:06:18 2009

Justin Pickard @ Sun Mar 1 17:49:38 2009 EST

Hey Thomas,

Sorry it's taken me this long to reply. Your comment was really helpful, spinning me off down whole other mental avenues.

I think what I really liked about your original concept was the two-layer competition/collaboration dynamic - where all the characters want the same thing, but have their own specific victory conditions - and the way the mechanics supported the radical theme.

(Also, that's the best captcha I've seen yet.)

Thomas @ Mon Mar 2 11:53:04 2009 EST

No problem. Glad you've been able to get something out of it.

The "worst" designation is really more for the complete lack of functionality, and not so much for the choice of word. We aspire to the very lowest level of passable security here.

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