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Interviews and Office Furniture

Original entry posted: Thu Aug 9 14:45:08 2007

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Aug 10 02:13:27 2007 EST

Bad Mojo's gameplay never quite lived up to its design. But its design it pretty fuckin' fantastic---it's worth playing just to groove on the pretty sounds'n'pictures. Right now, I'm deep on the retro tip playing Grim Fandango (hooray for Boot Camp), which is maybe the best adventure game ever, and the only video game whose writing I'm not grading on a curve.

Thomas @ Fri Aug 10 07:11:47 2007 EST

You know, I never made it all the way through Grim Fandango--got stuck after meeting the underground. I should really haul it back out again.

I've been playing Monkey Island I on my Pocket PC though, and the writing across all those Lucasarts adventures was just great. The vegetarian cannibals still crack me up.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Aug 10 16:50:40 2007 EST

Ah, so you haven't even made it to The Best Disc Swap In History. It is, in fact, tBDSiH. Now if only I could find a copy of The Last Express...

Troy Goodfellow @ Sun Aug 12 15:08:20 2007 EST

I love that quote from Kingsley. I think it really captures something pure about the great British actors, almost all of whom have starred in their share of total crap.

Hell, Michael Caine made a career out of crap, largely because he thought a job would be "fun" or lucrative. The cast list of Caligula is tribute to that peculiar British mindset, I think.

Thomas @ Mon Aug 13 18:22:59 2007 EST


Of course, some of them are then best known for those roles. I mean, look at Alec Guiness--no offense to Star Wars, but it's no "Doctor Zhivago."

Not that I've seen "Doctor Zhivago." Though I should. But you know what I mean.

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