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Link Forward, Fall Back

Original entry posted: Wed Mar 11 19:09:21 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Mar 11 18:18:25 2009 EST

Oh god---okay, I may've been way too optimistic about RE5. I just... I *want* it to be good! I love the idea of an RE game set in Africa, as a sort of Ivory Coast metaphor. And after playing couch co-op, I really liked the gameplay of the demo. And I do still think that a lot of the touchiness about race has resulted in people of color being locked out of mediums like gaming and animation, where caricature is the nature of the medium (locked out of the presentation, that is; the game companies I've worked for have been kind of amazingly multiracial). So I'm going to hold out just a little hope that it'll be better than this. But... but I may be wrong.

Brinstar @ Thu Mar 12 00:25:56 2009 EST

That screen shot is kind of amazing. In a bad way.

Thomas @ Thu Mar 12 10:10:21 2009 EST

I can't stop staring at it, to be honest with you.

Thomas @ Thu Mar 12 14:42:17 2009 EST

I hate commenting on my own stuff, but I hate changing the date on my entries more.

This outfit? Totally not racist.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Mar 12 17:28:39 2009 EST

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow.

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