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The Link That Ate Chicago

Original entry posted: Tue Jul 14 16:14:49 2009

Justin Pickard @ Tue Jul 14 17:01:08 2009 EST

Some wicked links, chap. And I've really started to notice how Delicious's utility rapidly increases with the addition of any kind of network.

And I've never really been able to work out whether John Robb is actually on the right, or just somewhere else entirely. I like to image him hovering above the political spectrum in some kind of weaponised airship.

Thomas @ Tue Jul 14 17:10:30 2009 EST

Robb is, I agree, really tough to figure out. I suspect he's right-leaning, and every now and then I'll catch a slip to that effect--but it could just be me reading a lot into things. I think he is very careful to keep his political views out of things.

From my perspective, and for this specific thesis (whee, qualifications!), regardless of Robb's actual voting politics, his brand of military survivalist prognostication is sufficiently different from the environmental focus of Cascio/Hopkins types that I feel comfortable using Right and Left as vague shortcuts, respectively.

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