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A Conversation, Imagined: I Was A Teenage Doppleganger Edition

Original entry posted: Tue Jun 13 12:17:15 2006

Panda McGee @ Mon Jun 12 10:27:40 2006 EST

so it probably wasn't the best idea to pull that up in front of all of my co-workers. i'm officially embarrassed!

and ahem, i'll have everyone know that i was suckered into marching band senior year. i was perfectly happy playing it safe with choir all four years of high school, but my friend erin somehow convinced me to join marching band. AFTER band camp. AFTER everyone already learned all the formations. as though it weren't bad enough that i was playing the freaking CYMBALS.

i rather enjoyed myself, though. can't you tell by the picture?

Thomas @ Mon Jun 12 10:28:53 2006 EST

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

I think the cymbals are kinda hot, myself.

Josh @ Mon Jun 12 15:17:54 2006 EST

Shoulda stuck with the toga party gone wrong.

Course, I've never known a toga party to go right.

Not really a commentary on marching bands, mind you, it's not often I get to make a decent toga party joke anymore.

Thomas @ Mon Jun 12 15:38:09 2006 EST

it's not often I get to make a decent toga party joke anymore.

More's the pity!

Brinstar @ Mon Jun 12 16:55:05 2006 EST

You should totally go on a tour of Thailand. You will get invited to the best parties in town and get free stuff.

Thomas @ Mon Jun 12 21:59:12 2006 EST

That whole not-speaking-Thai thing would probably be a dead giveaway, though...

Josh @ Tue Jun 13 08:17:15 2006 EST

If you get drunk enough, you can fake any language.*

*not recommended

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