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It's a good thing she's cute

Original entry posted: Wed Oct 10 15:24:23 2007

Josh @ Wed Oct 10 12:14:16 2007 EST

My cat Caddy is much the same way. Log, beautiful black coat of hair. Dumb as rocks. Clumsy as hell.

She's also addicted to adhesives, so anything sticky she is incurably drawn towards. She got a shipping label caught on her paw once, moaned (she's also a loudmouth) ceaselessy about it until I removed it.

And she shoved her paw back on it. Real bright light, that one.

Josh @ Wed Oct 10 12:15:04 2007 EST

And cat videos are the fuel of the Internet, right?

Brinstar @ Wed Oct 10 12:17:15 2007 EST

I almost want a cat _just_ to put videos and cat macros up on the internet.

Thomas @ Wed Oct 10 12:34:49 2007 EST

All cats are stupid. They just act superior, and most people fall for it.

Cat pictures and video absolutely fuel the internet. Reports say that Senator Stevens is already complaining about hair clogging up his e-mail tubes.

Josh @ Wed Oct 10 14:24:14 2007 EST

We have a couple smart ones, by, you know cat standards. One of ours can barely mew above a decibel so she spends much of her time figuring out how to make sounds to alert us. These included beating her head against plastic blinds, knocking over nearby objects and my personal favorite - annoying the black cat so she'll cry for her.

The others arent dumb so much as I swear they waste too much time trying to invent fire.

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