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This is your dog on daycare

Original entry posted: Tue Jan 9 17:43:22 2007

Rachel @ Tue Jan 9 12:43:22 2007 EST

Oh my god, he is really just the most wonderful dog ever. Except of course for Eliot who I suspect really thinks he is a cat anyway, so not really in the running for "most wonderful dog ever."

I have the same feelings you do about doggie daycare, but I am now facing the need to stop working from home and go back to office employment. I don't relish the thought of E. laying around here on his own all day and it isn't that much more than the cost of hiring a dog walker. Someday when we can afford a bigger place and two dogs, well, it won't be needed. If I got a discount, I would be putting him in daycare a few times a week as well, no questions asked.

Thomas @ Tue Jan 9 12:57:00 2007 EST

He's pretty awesome, all right.

There's no way we could do it without a discount. As it is, if I think about the yearly cost it still makes me choke a little, but it's definitely been good for him. When he passes out of the high-energy puppy stage, we'll probably cut back. He's usually pretty laid-back anyway, so I think he'll enjoy snoozing during the day.

Eliot's an older dog, right? I guess it depends on their individual personality, too.

Rachel @ Wed Jan 10 07:16:15 2007 EST

Eliot is older, but as a rescue dog he comes with his own particular set of neuroses. In other words, he is mighty anxious about being left alone. The longest he has been on his own is 6 hours and while he is improving, I worry about how he will handle being on his own for 9 hours a day with only a short walk in the afternoon. We have a great dog walker lined up, but I worry it won't be enough. He also was not really socialized with other dogs, so he isn't really sure what to do with them and so doggie daycare isn't really ideal at this point either. We're hoping in the next couple of years to find a place with a little more room and then we'll consider adding a second dog to the mix, which will take care of everything (hopefully!) as they will have each other to play with.

Lucretius @ Wed Jan 10 19:16:01 2007 EST

I take myself on walkies. I sure am bushed afterwards...

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