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Money for Nothin', Links for Free

Original entry posted: Fri Jul 31 18:22:17 2009

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Sat Aug 1 14:08:14 2009 EST

Speaking of games---I've now started my weekly "Best of Xbox Indie Games" (a.k.a. Community Games) over at MTV Multiplayer.

Planning to post every Friday with a li'l bite-size title worth checking out---there's really some neat things on the service. So hope you enjoy!

Thomas @ Sun Aug 2 10:05:38 2009 EST

I'll check it out. (you do know that anchor tags are allowed here, right?)

A little while back, after you'd commented about Audiball, I downloaded it and a bunch of other community games. It seems like a tough market--there wasn't anything there that I felt like I was going to pay for, but the prices have to be so low that it's hard to imagine writing something very polished there.

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