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Original entry posted: Tue Dec 30 16:54:49 2008

Matt @ Tue Dec 30 12:25:14 2008 EST

Most of Panarin's predictions are so ignorant that it's hilarious. I don't even know where to start. Before it became part of the U.S., Texas kicked the Mexican army out in 1836 and declared itself a republic. The idea of Texas returning to Mexico (or Alaska to Russia) is laughable.

And California becoming part of China?? California, if separated from the U.S., would have the 8th largest economy in the world.

The idea of the United States splitting isn't too far-fetched, but this is a joke.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Tue Dec 30 15:18:13 2008 EST

Xbox Community Games is bringing out some really excellent sound design toys too. There's the Beat Maker, sure, but also Machivelli's Ascent, Hexothermic, and most interesting, Audiball, the first original use for a Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar I've seen.

Thomas @ Tue Dec 30 15:23:07 2008 EST

And if only I had the XBox back, I could play those. Or more Geometry Wars.

Matt @ Tue Dec 30 16:38:12 2008 EST

They still have your Xbox? What's the deal with that?

Thomas @ Tue Dec 30 16:47:21 2008 EST

Something delayed the Fedex box getting shipped to me, so I wasn't able to send it in until mid-December.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Wed Dec 31 03:08:47 2008 EST

Ouch! Sorry for bringing all that salt over to your woundparty.

Well... The World Ends With You is also excellent! And on a system that never breaks!

Corvus @ Sun Jan 4 10:55:08 2009 EST

Have I officially ceded the OLPC discussion to you yet?

I still maintain they _could_ have done a lot of good with the platform, but clearly their myopia prevented anything other than grandstanding and asshattery. So disappointing.

Thomas @ Sun Jan 4 14:46:05 2009 EST

Were we competing?

I know you and Josh had high hopes, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. While I'm not surprised that they didn't achieve what they set out to do, it is disappointing how very little they actually did manage to accomplish.

Corvus @ Mon Jan 5 12:26:05 2009 EST

Not a competition, but there was certainly a strong debate element.

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