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The Link That Should Not Be

Original entry posted: Thu Jul 10 17:14:51 2008

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Jul 10 13:57:46 2008 EST

I'm intrigued by The Fly: The Opera---not so much for the story as for the promise of a Howard Shore-scored opera. I've loved his film work (the Naked Lunch score, where he collaborated with Ornette Coleman, is phenomenal), and would love to hear what he does with the space offered by opera. Plus Cronenberg's chilly precision seems really well-suited to the form---there's always been a bit of Robert Wilson in his direction, so opera seems like a natural fit.

Thomas @ Thu Jul 10 22:40:09 2008 EST

I don't know enough about opera to comment.

Except to wish that I could see the "dissolve the overzealous editor's hand" scene on stage. I've had days like that.

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