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We Don't Link to Ravenholm...

Original entry posted: Tue Feb 12 19:23:48 2008

Josh @ Tue Feb 12 10:58:58 2008 EST

good to know it's not just me. Google must be slow on the response for some reason. Might seek replacement.

Good article. Some of me wonders where the hell Gordon went to school, since the likely candidate it "Monk School For Elite Weaponry" with the vow of silence and being more skilled than a troop full of soldiers.

I'm guessing you've seen my earlier rant:

Thomas @ Tue Feb 12 11:15:55 2008 EST

I remember that, yeah. The comment about Alyx being the main character is a good one. I tend to let the other stuff wash. But I'm certainly not playing to find out what happens to Freeman.

There was going to be a section in the Escapist article about how Alyx is the main character, but due to Valve's habit of pulling back the curtain, we're also aware of just how manipulative she is as a gameplay mechanic. This was going to lead to a larger point about the role of user testing and experimentation in AAA titles like Half-Life and Halo, to the point where they're almost being designed scientifically.

But the word count was running short, and I decided to go for a wider, more easily supported point instead.

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