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Yoshimi Battles the Link Robots

Original entry posted: Wed Jun 3 17:17:28 2009

Matt S. @ Wed Jun 3 17:06:53 2009 EST

I think Nintendo's mindset at this point is: Peripherals make us lots of money, so let's come up with some more! A finger heart rate monitor? Obviously something like that ties in nicely with Wii Fit, but beyond that it's pretty useless. If they come up with a survival horror game, like Silent Hill, in which the player's heart rate is tied to an avatar's ability to function, that'd be cool. But there's only so much you can do with a heart rate monitor ... sorry, Vitality Sensor.

Justin Pickard @ Wed Jun 3 19:50:48 2009 EST

I took some notes from the Thrilling Wonder Stories! symposium. They're up on Flickr, and might be of use. Further annotations to follow.

Thomas @ Wed Jun 3 20:39:11 2009 EST

@Matt: I'm looking forward to Biofeedback Hero, myself. Seriously, though, the homebrew community could probably do some cool things.

@Justin: Very cool! Thanks so much for linking to those, I'm going to enjoy reading through them.

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Fri Jun 5 09:17:46 2009 EST

Even more reason to be optimistic about Natal---Ars Technica, who're generally fairly hype-immune, were saying it worked well before MS even bought the company:

Also, what's really sad about the Young Con anthem: A high-school friend of mine who's now a major Foxbot enthusiastically posted it to his Facebook page. I suggested they rap as well as conservatives govern, and he replied: "Yep. Straight shooters, talking truth." It's terrifying to realize that there's people out there to whom that looks *good*.

Thomas @ Fri Jun 5 10:25:06 2009 EST

Well, as Corvus pointed out, Microsoft apparently hired Johnny Lee. It's pretty clear they were serious about this thing. And I think it's really neat, I just don't have a lot of space where I can see myself using it.

Sadly, your anecdote only convinces me that for a lot of people, irony isn't dead--it never really lived.

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