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This is where we draw the line

Original entry posted: Mon Nov 27 14:33:55 2006

Rachel @ Mon Nov 27 07:55:03 2006 EST

In Belle's defense, one of the important reasons to give little poochie feet the added protection of boots in the winter is the insistance of certain people that scattering of harsh chemicals and abrasive salts on icy sidewalks to dissolve/melt said ice is necessary. These elements can really penetrate and irritate the pads of dog feet. And of course, once you get the boots, it only seems right to add a coat to the mix... ;)

Thomas @ Mon Nov 27 08:35:51 2006 EST

I'm not sure how heavily they salt around our apartment, so we'll have to see. That's not a bad point, although I'm not sure I extend the logic to the coat!

My father's dog cut his paws on the ice and snow once, and had to be carried home from a walk. On the other hand, that's a 30-pound dog. Wallace is getting a bit too big for one of us to lug him around if something happens. If it gets that bad, maybe we could just put him on a sled.

Josh @ Mon Nov 27 09:33:55 2006 EST

I think it's an excellent rule. Occasionally we've seen a humorous dog shirt or the like - or the extremely well designed dog costume ... and it will get thrown down for consideration.

But no - the dog's a dog. Dog's don't wear pants unless they're in cartoons. The pup has cut her pads a couple of times since coming to Chicago, but she's not too troubled by it.

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