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Five things

Original entry posted: Thu Jan 4 22:20:40 2007

Josh @ Thu Jan 4 14:03:36 2007 EST

I'd guess 4 or 5 as false.

Probably 4.

Panda McGee @ Thu Jan 4 17:20:40 2007 EST

Hee hee hee. I know which is false!

Lucretius @ Thu Jan 4 18:13:03 2007 EST

I know which one too, but only because it's a little too far fetched. So we can tag here too? 5 things. One lie. Hmmm.

I hate baloons, in the fear they might pop.

I love and hate writing and reading. Both, at the same time. Always.

I'm quite popular, to my dismay.

I'm not a big fan of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but only because I've heard their stuff too much.

I have a habit of accidentally being fiercely hypocritical, though I'm working on that.

Mine lie is the same number as yours. :-P

Troy Goodfellow @ Thu Jan 4 18:24:55 2007 EST

Please let number 5 be true.

Thomas @ Fri Jan 5 08:34:05 2007 EST

Yes, number 4 is the lie. There is a small potato chip company in the valley, in Middleburg, but I never worked there and I hate their chips. I did work at a small orchard and berry farm, which was educational. And possibly bioaccumulatively toxic, since the owner would sometimes spray down the apples just a few rows away from me with pesticide.

Troy, are you hoping it's true because of the idea, or because you're thankful that I've restrained myself?

Troy Goodfellow @ Fri Jan 5 08:38:01 2007 EST

I'd be first in line to see that, dude. Rock operas always suck, but this one would suck in legendary ways! j/k

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