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Pieces of Eight

Original entry posted: Thu Jun 28 18:53:48 2007

Corvus @ Thu Jun 28 15:00:18 2007 EST

Well, all right... but I'm not buying any earth friendly cleaning supplies from you...

Thomas @ Thu Jun 28 15:20:52 2007 EST

Are you sure? Because I have this all-natural goose oil rub that's a wonder for getting out stains.

Corvus @ Thu Jun 28 15:53:23 2007 EST

Mmmhmmm. And how many cases would I have to sell before I'd earned back the money I spent on a single bottle for my own personal use?

Thomas @ Thu Jun 28 16:02:19 2007 EST

That's the AMAZING advantage of Wilburn's All Natural Goose Oil Rub business! Sure, you could sell those bottles yourself--but by purchasing our handy licensing kit, you can set up your own Goose Oil Rub franchise and make millions!

Now, all we need is your bank account number and passport information, so we can make the first deposit...

pseudonymous @ Mon Jul 2 13:40:30 2007 EST

...the flavors are rich enough that I can suppress those feelings while I eat.

Alright, baby steps.

We've got you cooking with white wine.

Now we get you cooking with vodka and bourbon.

Vodka pasta is great, as is bourbon BBQ.

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