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A conversation, imagined

Original entry posted: Tue May 9 18:38:49 2006

pseudonymous @ Tue May 9 09:45:50 2006 EST

I thought you'd photoshopped the Nerdlet in for a second. That's a little eerie.

Thomas @ Tue May 9 09:56:27 2006 EST

Isn't it, though?

belle @ Tue May 9 11:24:36 2006 EST

okay, see ya!

belle @ Tue May 9 11:44:33 2006 EST

or maybe i should go to england and find myself this thomas lookalike.

Thomas @ Tue May 9 12:10:28 2006 EST

I can't get that link to work, but I'm assuming that you're once again comparing me to Cedric Diggory.

pseudonymous @ Tue May 9 14:38:49 2006 EST

You should photoshop Belle into the poster, and place the altered poster by the real one. See if people can guess which is real. Like a fun house!

I can see the resemblance with Pattinson, but it's nowhere near as uncanny as the Panyopas poster.

Thomas @ Tue May 9 16:58:56 2006 EST

The problem is that most of the pictures I have of Belle, she's grinning, and it doesn't fit. This picture comes closes to Panyopas' facial expression. And the angle of the poster is very particular. Sometimes in action, the actress looks more or less like Belle.

Brinstar @ Wed May 10 13:03:36 2006 EST

LOL. Cedric Diggory.

Thomas @ Wed May 10 16:40:36 2006 EST

Well, I'm never going to live that down now. Damn you, Rowling!

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