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Cable Ready

Original entry posted: Wed Jul 19 13:49:00 2006

Josh @ Wed Jul 19 09:49:00 2006 EST

I hate Comcast to their dark evil souls ... which I have been lead to understand smell like sour licorice.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 19 10:52:37 2006 EST

And yet somehow Cox managed to be worse.

It's hard to admit, but I'm kind of cheering for the phone companies to come in and clean out the cable market from this kind of crap.

Brinstar @ Wed Jul 19 16:44:55 2006 EST

Do those cable companies have packages where you don't have to buy cable TV, too? I'm using Verizon, and I don't really see a reason to change, since I have my landline through them.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 19 16:50:33 2006 EST

You can get it without cable, but I think it's more expensive.

I'd prefer DSL, personally, but we decided not to get a land line (Belle and I both just use cell phones), and most DSL providers require the phone line to be activated. And we do need cable, for Battlestar Galactica and Project Runway.

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