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Name That Cat

Original entry posted: Tue Sep 19 12:42:44 2006

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Mon Aug 21 09:00:42 2006Great name.

My father had a bird named "Bird."

My sister almost named her dog "Diogi," pronounced "Dee-Oh-Gee." Get it?

Panda McGee @ Mon Aug 21 08:28:14 2006 EST

She is wonderful! How was her first night? Did she let you sleep at all?

Thomas @ Mon Aug 21 08:32:03 2006 EST

She stayed in the living room most of the night, actually. I don't think she likes the bed very much. Or maybe the AC bothers her.

Thomas @ Mon Aug 21 09:02:18 2006 EST

Yeah, I'm thinking we'll name the dog "Perrita."

Brinstar @ Mon Aug 21 11:10:01 2006 EST

Among the dog names I'd consider (whenever I get a dog of my own) is "Inu."*

*Japanese for "dog." XD

Thomas @ Mon Aug 21 11:16:15 2006 EST

That's funny. You should get a shiba inu, and name it that.

I remember "neko" from that old Win3.11 screen toy--the cat that would chase your mouse around.

Kendall @ Wed Aug 23 14:12:54 2006 EST

Thomas, she's sooo cute!

Thomas @ Wed Aug 23 14:16:50 2006 EST

Kendall! Mrs. Lee!

Back from Aruba already?

jonny @ Mon Sep 18 21:49:24 2006 EST

Hi, I'm jonny, and I left an annoying script here instead of a comment, so Thomas erased it and may have to sign me up for a number of pornographic mailing lists.

Thomas @ Tue Sep 19 08:42:44 2006 EST

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