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Original entry posted: Wed Feb 15 21:51:49 2006

1140115519 @ EST

Thu Feb 16 13:45:19 2006"Well... Thomas, are you familiar with how headhunting and these services work?"

That would be by hunting down personal information any way possible, making guesses about potential job matches, and making a ton of cold calls.

Not exactly precision work there :)

pseudonymous @ Wed Feb 15 16:48:51 2006 EST

I got one of those phone calls. They got your name through your university.

Thomas @ Wed Feb 15 16:51:49 2006 EST

Awesome. Mason's really showing its gratitude for that profile then.

Thomas @ Thu Feb 16 13:53:56 2006 EST

I'm guessing that's what she meant to say instead of "networking and referrals."

Ah, English. Such a broad language sometimes.

Chris P @ Thu Feb 16 13:54:12 2006 EST

Let me guess:

Primerica Financial Services

The "Amway of financial services"

They are SO SHADY, toeing the line of legality. I work in marketing, so we are well aware of their questionable practices.

Thomas @ Thu Feb 16 14:07:44 2006 EST

Could have been. I didn't really catch the name, hence the blank. It's not because I felt like protecting telemarketers.

Chris P @ Thu Feb 16 14:19:03 2006 EST

I got a cold call from them too, so I am almost certain that it is Primerica.

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