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Learning the Hard Way

Original entry posted: Fri May 25 05:13:25 2012

Matt @ Fri May 25 07:12:53 2012 EST

I've had that book bookmarked in my browser for months now. I feel like I need to go back and relearn everything every once in a while, because like any language you tend to forget things when you're not constantly practicing.

Thomas @ Fri May 25 12:54:06 2012 EST

They're definitely good books for directed practice.

I think it's good to stretch out into other, weirder spaces too. I worked my way through Pharo by Example to learn some Smalltalk the other day, even though I never expect to use it for anything real. It was interesting, and parts of it may end up being helpful elsewhere. If nothing else, it's good for my teaching that I try to be student every once in a while.

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