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Original entry posted: Tue Jul 31 01:03:53 2007

Lucretius @ Mon Jul 30 21:29:36 2007 EST

My macbook's been good to me so far. In terms of hardware, it's a fine machine. I didn't get !!PRO!! so the video card is generally where it lacks, but not by a whole lot and the software, while admittedly limited, is still all I need. Runs photoshop, aim, firefox, ms office and itunes. That's pretty much all I need. It runs them well, too. Not had any major issues. And not to sound all fanboyish but I'm having a much better time on this machine than on my old xp computer. This just works.

But I'd imagine compatibility issues would be your main concern.

PS: I shaved my head. Hehe.

Lucretius @ Mon Jul 30 21:32:26 2007 EST

I always think of these things after I post.... -_-;

I wanted to add that when I was shopping for a new laptop, Lenovo was my top choice right off the bat. Apple just kinda slipped in outa nowhere.

Thomas @ Mon Jul 30 22:30:20 2007 EST

Macbook was not even an option, for a multitude of reasons.

Thomas @ Mon Jul 30 22:59:03 2007 EST

Let me qualify that so that I don't sound too shrill (as if even-handedness was a regular feature around here):

The Macbook does not feature complete accident coverage like a Dell or Lenovo offers. It has a metal casing but a plastic frame--i.e., it is not business-class construction. It doesn't come with a discrete video card in a reasonable (less than 15" size). And it doesn't play Half-Life 2 (or run my extensive plugin collection) unless I buy an extra copy of Windows, at which point I'm paying a huge premium to use a machine without a lot of the little features I would get on a normal Windows laptop (two or three built-in mouse buttons, dedicated delete key, multiple card slots, serious docking support).

Just by the priorities I laid out here, without even getting into aesthetic or usability issues, a Macbook or Macbook Pro doesn't work for me.

Lucretius @ Tue Jul 31 00:12:00 2007 EST

Definitely a case of to each their own. Considering all that, I'd be ashamed to know you if you got a macbook. Like, ew. Conversely, I do all my gaming on my DS and SNES (which is kinda funny-sad) and am not really doing any video-editing. And, I'm careful. :-P I just need it to be fast, easy, and somewhat media-oriented. Which it is.

As for the mouse: all us mac users would like to say screw all yous. We can use those mice if we want, but it's not a big deal. The command button works wonders! Jerks!


Thomas @ Tue Jul 31 00:19:56 2007 EST

The command button can turn water to wine, as far as I'm concerned. But there's no excuse for building an operating system on top of BSD, including a new (and fairly advanced for the time) windowing system that supports the right mouse button from the ground up, and then force your users to learn tricks like two-finger click or command-click in order to actually use it. It's one of those "our way or the highway" moments that sours me on the whole operating system.

The other thing about Mac touchpads, which I guess I can't entirely blame them for, is that years of Windows (and Linux) touchpads have conditioned me to click by tapping on the pad itself, no buttons necessary. Then whenever I use the Macbook Pro at work, I catch myself tapping away for a few seconds before remembering to hit the button.

You would think, with their passion for membrane buttons, that Apple would have leapt onto that like Nate the Great onto an all-you-can-eat Pancake buffet.

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