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Original entry posted: Thu Apr 15 15:17:09 2010

Matt S. @ Thu Apr 15 14:23:55 2010 EST

Ditto on K9, and I use it to check Gmail and my work e-mails. Here are some apps I tend to use frequently: FxCamera, Places (great for when you travel), Listen, and Barcode Scanner (got a great deal on a cheap DVD player because of this).

You're right about Maps, especially with the Navigation option. The other weekend we went to Richmond, and even Kim admitted that having a smartphone is incredibly handy while driving through a city you're not familiar with.

One app that I loved, but I didn't use it enough to justify keeping it on the phone: Carr Matey. I know, I know...

Thomas @ Thu Apr 15 15:33:46 2010 EST

Barcode Scanner is also great if you install the Mobile Barcoder extension in Firefox. I use it all the time to load a web page on my phone instead of typing in the URL.

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