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Everything's Heavy

Original entry posted: Thu Sep 24 18:26:42 2009

Thomas @ Wed Nov 18 22:45:25 2009 EST

I've opened a Google Code project for Underground here. The most recent version of the code will be available via SVN from now on. Contributors welcome! This is my first open-source project in a real repository, so be gentle.

Fnorder @ Mon Nov 30 12:54:54 2009 EST

This is one ugly app...a good thing, actually. It's soon to become my mostly used app (for obvious reasons :P) and has already sped things up considerably. Adding an opened-tasks submenu or list (for switching to or killing), and the option to hook into other buttons would be good - provided these features don't cause slowdown or increased ram usage...I may try to add that.

Or rewrite it in C perhaps, since a barebones launcher in java is more of a sluggish ram hog than Launcher would be, if a native app.

Thomas @ Mon Nov 30 13:06:08 2009 EST

Glad it's working for you and looking forward to those patches! If those other lists are their own activities, I think you could do them in a lightweight fashion--it's combining them with the existing list that would create slowdown, particularly if Underground (as it does now) restarts from scratch each time.

The primary problem with RAM usage seems to be that each Dalvik instance uses a certain amount--about 11MB, more or less--and there's not much I've been able to find to lower that. Even writing it in C, given that there's no UI layer for the NDK, probably wouldn't help. You see this with homescreen widgets, too--since each one effectively gets its own VM, they're each eating up a chunk of memory and contributing to the RAM crunch that gets Home killed.

The latest version of Underground in the SVN kills itself after launching a new program, which may help some, but I think the damage is done by the time that zygote() finishes. That said, I'm pretty new to Android, so I'm open for suggestions!

aijam @ Sun Dec 6 10:38:56 2009 EST

Anywhere, long pressing the home button would bring up a task dialog. Don't you know that?

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