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Original entry posted: Thu Jan 21 15:24:37 2010

Disappointed @ Thu Feb 4 02:37:51 2010 EST

It's not that great. It has a persistent icon in the notification bar, the defaults override any manual setting changes you make (like muting your ringer), and it drains the battery like nobody's business. Also, the developers are too full of themselves to fix these issues. Just read some of the developer comments on their feature request board, they think they're God's gift to the Android.

NotAtAllDisappointed @ Thu Feb 4 10:54:39 2010 EST

Persistent icon not really an issue. Yes the defaults override any manual settings, that how it's supposed to work though - don't set defaults, just disable Locale or remove it if you don't want it to change your settings! :-) Anyway, it's my number one app. The headphones condition is invaluable (I can now listen to media without being deafened when a call or msg arrives). The Orientation condition is great at work - just flip the phone and my GTalk status goes to busy and the phone stays quiet, flip it back and it's back to normal. The GTalk status plugin is great for keeping everyone informed of when I'm at my desk, out and about, at home etc. And that's nicely integrated with the GTalk Status Widget from the same dev as the plugin. In fact the longer I have this app the more uses I'm finding for it.

Thomas @ Thu Feb 4 15:07:49 2010 EST

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for you, Disappointed. A note as a developer, though: the persistent notification is required for Locale to work properly, since Android is pretty ruthless about killing off background tasks. The API asks developers to maintain a notification if their service needs to be running all the time, and in cases where it should be noticeable that it quits. Pandora does the same thing, for the same reasons.

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