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Original entry posted: Fri Jan 16 20:18:40 2009

wheat @ Sat Jan 17 16:11:49 2009 EST

I was a fan, back in the day. I had a Palm IIIe, then a Palm V. My wife has a TX that she bought for school, to run some pharmacy databases that used to only run on Palm and WindowsCE. But now they've ported those over to iPhone. So that's where we're headed (still one year on the Sprint contract, damn it).

But, my IIIe and V were really nice little devices that reminded me a lot of OS 7, really. It was a cool device with a lot of great software.

wheat @ Sat Jan 17 16:13:02 2009 EST

Correction: it was a IIIxe.

Thomas @ Sat Jan 17 16:53:23 2009 EST

I've got a IIIxe sitting in my cube at work right now. Every now and then I put new batteries in it, install OnboardC, and think about doing a little coding, then forget about it. I had a Handspring, before they made the Treo, and in college once I got a Thinkpad-edition Palm V off eBay to screw around.

They'll probably have those medical databases (ePocrates?) on Android/WebOS by the time your contract is up, too. Those guys move fast. You'll have lots of choices, which is good.

My impression is that PalmOS took a lot from System 7, with the resource fork-like GUI, and a similar look-and-feel. And of course, they ran on basically the same processor, since the Dragonball was also a 68000-series RISC chip.

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