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Chromatic Veil

Original entry posted: Thu Jul 9 14:04:17 2009

Tolmar @ Wed Jul 15 14:07:17 2009 EST

The Chrome OS is supposed to be an extra stable, extra fast way to get to the web. Apparently, Google believes that if getting to the internet was just a little bit easier, more people would do so.

But Ubuntu boots in less than half a minute for me, and I can't remember the last time an OS broke down enough that accessing the internet was difficult.

I guess Google just really wants that extra half minute of your time.

Thomas @ Wed Jul 15 14:56:39 2009 EST

I have trouble remembering the last time I booted my laptop, period. I put it to sleep, and it takes at most 10 seconds to resume (usually when docked, since the video card's working harder). That's under Vista/7, but the days when Linux had a lot of trouble sleeping seem (anecdotally) to be behind us.

I'm increasingly convinced that they're just doing this because they can.

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