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Reason #15,398 I can't use a Mac

Original entry posted: Fri Apr 13 19:10:06 2007

1176495006 @ EST

Fri Apr 13 15:10:06 2007Mine's right next to my left mouse button (which is next to my right mouse button).

What specifically is the problem?

Thomas @ Fri Apr 13 15:12:14 2007 EST

I'm using a Macbook, so I don't have that option out of box. And I know how to option-click.

That's not what's pissing me off.

I'm installing software. Which means I'm going through a lot of dialog boxes. And without fail, about half of them can't be navigated without reaching for the mousepad.

Thomas @ Fri Apr 13 15:15:24 2007 EST

And why, exactly, doesn't the return key open items from the Finder?

I know it's widely accepted that the Finder is broken, but for the love of all that is holy, why do I have to hit Apple-O?

Or while we're at it, what's with using the little <X| icon for delete in menu shortcuts, but not putting it on the keyboard? I spent at least thirty seconds staring at it, wondering what kind of key that was supposed to be.

Josh @ Sat Apr 14 17:29:51 2007 EST

Damn I'm useless :) I avoid key shorts pretty frequently and use a weird keyboard so I've never even noticed the icons were odd (it's actually a diamond on mine)

I know under Key&Mouse in Sys Prefs you have the ability to define almost all of that stuff (there's even a way to tab across all controls instead of just text boxes, which might be the first problem).

Finder actually works fine for me, but The Brother is a major Quicksilver advocate.

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