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In Defense of Flash

Original entry posted: Tue Oct 7 15:26:02 2008

That Fuzzy Bastard @ Thu Oct 9 13:13:49 2008 EST

There's sort of inevitably a see-saw between accessibility and power, and the more technically adept a person is, the more they love the latter and scorn the former. This is why serious geeks love Linux, and especially Unbutu.

Flash, for a very long time, was all about the accessibility, which is both why it's so important/ubiquitous/awesome and why it's hated by so many who think you should just use a real programming language. And, in all fairness, it was, and is, responsible for a lot of annoying web design.

But Flash did more to turn the web into everyone's fantasy of the web (a playground for indies) then pretty much any other product of the post-Netscape era. And for that, I'll forgive them a whole lot of irritating web page intros.

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