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Original entry posted: Fri Jul 11 02:46:22 2008

Corvus @ Fri Jul 11 05:40:07 2008 EST

That's one of the reasons I'm keeping a very close eye on the OpenMoko project.

Corvus @ Fri Jul 11 06:45:01 2008 EST

Too funny. Just noticed your FB status.

Thomas @ Fri Jul 11 08:36:25 2008 EST

Yeah, but I noticed that the Freerunner is limited to GPRS instead of even EDGE. Contrary to what they say, that's more like 1.5G. I'd go insane trying to do anything at those speeds.

Matt @ Fri Jul 11 09:12:25 2008 EST

Being colorblind isn't that bad. Besides is just about the greatest thing in the world for a colorblind graphic designer. (That's what I'm starting to call myself because that's all I'm really asked to do around here).

Thomas @ Fri Jul 11 11:09:49 2008 EST

Not that bad? But what about your ruined dreams of being a Rockstar Table Tennis champion?

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