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Area Code 575

Original entry posted: Fri May 1 18:18:28 2009

Panda McGee @ Fri May 1 15:11:37 2009 EST

I get "sent from my iPhone" all the time!

Thomas @ Fri May 1 15:40:16 2009 EST

Maybe because you spend more time talking to people via their personal accounts?

pseudonymous @ Sat May 2 05:33:18 2009 EST

The wife and I were just talking about this. (I recently made the jump and got a Blackberry.)

On the one hand, we think the signature is a marketing ploy for the manufacturer and service provider. My Blackberry came loaded with the default signature line advertising Blackberry and Sprint. Your texts are potential ad space.

Meanwhile, yeah, it's an excuse for everything for the user. Bad grammar? Hitting "reply all" too much? Can't spell? Hey, it's from your Blackberry, you're in a rush, on the run, and won't respond articulately or in a timely way. Blackberry means never having to spell ur sorry.

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