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Original entry posted: Wed Aug 3 21:16:37 2005

pseudonymous @ Wed Aug 3 11:55:57 2005 EST

Nu metal outfit Ransom of the Man's new album "You'll be Sorry Else" drops today. The much-anticipated follow-up to 2003's "At the Moment in My Trigger-Finger" explores new sonic territory as the band reaches back to its Southern rock influences to mine metal gold.

pseudonymous @ Wed Aug 3 17:04:21 2005 EST

Frontman D'Ogeron has emerged as a musical force to be reckoned with, fiercely lashing out at the band's Alabama rivals, A Thing of Scorn, in the album's first single "Sick and Faint."

pseudonymous @ Wed Aug 3 17:12:34 2005 EST

While "Sick and Faint" certainly delivers the goods, the album drops off toward the end, losing itself in the melancholy Korn-like dirge "Rendered Seaworthy." But with songs like "Sick and Faint," "With Parted Lips," and "Desperate Endeavour," Ransom's latest is worth the price of admission, so pick it up - you'll be sorry else.

pseudonymous @ Wed Aug 3 17:12:52 2005 EST

Thanks, Thomas.

I've always wanted a hobby.

Thomas @ Wed Aug 3 17:16:37 2005 EST

Next on Pitchfork Media:

Pseudonymous reviews Captain Blood's "A Thing of Scorn, an Outcast" and gives it a 3.14159, stating:
The only good song on here is the sardonic melody of "Governor Ofplaced," which mixes the dangerous pop tradition of Madonna with Handel's Messiah for devastating results.

You're welcome. Take a bow.

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