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December 18, 2008

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The Red Rose

I have a soft spot for web sites that maintain the classic "Geocities circa 1999" look and feel. Belle and I both started building HTML back in those days, when marbled backgrounds and marquee tags were the hottest technologies going. We remember them fondly, even if they look funny now. It's Gen-Y kitsch.

My favorite example of this is Bass Northwest, Seattle's premiere boutique bass dealer. Great store, and host to a fine collection of animated horizontal rules and fake 3D text in .GIF form (always a nice touch in an age of slow mobile Internet access). It's not that they've forgotten about it--the stock is constantly updated online. It's just that they have better things to do than to learn anything other than the H1 and P tags. Honestly, I respect that.

But my boss has, today, forever "won" this particular contest. Behold: The Red Rose Inn and Suites of lovely Plant City, FL, where her high school reunion will be held next summer. Words cannot adequately describe it. As she says, "It's like every single thing that I ever made fun of in high school came slamming back in one big pink opera-gloved fell swoop." I highly recommend the virtual tour on the left rail.

I'm really tempted to come up with a pre-2000 CSS flavor now, complete with beveled borders on all the div tags, a la Netscape Navigator 3.0.

What's your favorite Web dinosaur? Anyone else miss those old table-based tar pits?

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