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April 17, 2006

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Great Moments at the Used Bookstore

From the back cover of "Watch Me" by A.J. Holt:

Special FBI agent Jay Fletcher knows how to catch serial killers. She's developed a computer program that identifies the most vicious murderers in America.

But Jay's Washington bosses have told her to stop. She can't use her program. It violates the Constitution. It violates these sick killers' civil rights.

Now Jay's been transferred to a tiny office in Santa Fe. She's instructed to stay out of multiple murder cases. As far as Washington knows, she is.


Jay is going on-line. She's going to track down the killers. What will she do when she finds them? She says...


Somewhere in or around DC, Alberto Gonzales lights up a cigarette, glances at the torn paperback next to him, and mutters, "Was it good for you too?"

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