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November 15, 2006

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The Folly of Empire

Orson Scott Card is writing a book/video game/movie about war between red and blue states. He says:

What the good guys are fighting for is to get the war stopped before it's fully started. To enable the country to bind its wounds and end this horrible division, so one of the key decisions I made was having Maj. Reuben "Rube" Malek be a true-blue, red-state soldier, but he's married to a committed blue-stater who is politically active and involved in Congress but is able to speak the language of both sides. She's a conciliator. In the novel, her sensibility becomes vital to establishing the nature of the resolution, so that we have a happy ending no matter which camp you're in.

Call me crazy, but somehow I have my doubts that he's really going for a fair and happy ending for both sides here. And how bad of a writer do you have to be to write "true-blue, red-state soldier?"

Previously, people alleged that Card was writing apologias for Hitler. I wonder if this is his version of the Turner Diaries.

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